Secrets Revealed: How Marketing Can Help Increase Sales Using a Sales Enablement Platform

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Ready to better align your sales and marketing teams? The perfect strategy requires collaboration between sales and marketing. The missing piece? A sales enablement platform. Having a central hub ensures that marketing efforts are accessible and can boost the bottom line.

In this e-book, we’ll provide some insights and practical information, revealing all the secrets behind how marketing can increase revenue via a sales enablement solution.

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Secrets Revealed E-Book

Chapter 1

What’s the secret to marketing empowering sales?

In any aspect of life or business, if you give people the tools and resources they need, they are much more likely to be successful. That’s the philosophy behind sales enablement. This strategy requires collaboration between sales and marketing. Marketing is the creator of the enablement, and sales is the beneficiary.

But how do you go from just the idea of sales enablement to implementing it? What’s the most critical piece of the puzzle? A sales enablement platform. Having a central hub ensures that marketing efforts are accessible and can boost the bottom line.

In this e-book, we’ll provide some insights and practical information, revealing all the secrets behind how marketing can increase revenue via a sales enablement solution.

Keep reading to learn answers to the following questions:

  • What is sales enablement?
  • What are sales enablement platforms?
  • Why should you invest in a sales enablement platform?
  • What are some best practices for marketing to support sales performance?
  • What does successful sales enablement look like?
  • What makes vablet unique?

Chapter 2

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a combination of processes and technology that provides sales with the support it needs to be more effective. It’s making available the tools sales professionals need to operate at the highest level that’s also in line with your brand values and goals.

Ownership of sales enablement falls to both sales and marketing. This shared responsibility is critical to success. It’s the ultimate collaborative relationship and alignment between the two teams.

Chapter 3

What are sales enablement platforms?

A sales enablement platform is all the tools, processes, content, and information that sales and marketing need to interact with buyers. It’s a single source of truth that makes it simple for sales to find what they need quickly and from any device.

Such a solution allows organizations to:

  • Manage and control content.
  • Ensure easy access to accurate materials.
  • Drive better alignment between sales and marketing.
  • Capture insights to inform more relevant content for your audience.
  • Track and measure engagement data.
  • Integrate other applications.

Chapter 4

Why should you invest in a sales enablement platform?

A sales enablement platform offers many benefits for businesses. Investing in this technology can yield substantial results.

Here are some data-driven benefits you can expect: 

It can support greater productivity by sales. Surveyed sales leaders said a sales enablement platform shortens the sales cycle, decreases onboarding time, and streamlines processes.

Chapter 5

What are some best practices for marketing to support sales performance?

Marketing has an essential role to play in sales enablement. There are some best practices marketing professionals can employ to boost sales performance.

Ensure Content Accuracy

Marketing is responsible for keeping content accurate in messaging and branding. To do this, your marketing team should regularly audit it. Additionally, there may be factors, internal or external, that require content refreshes. Those could be new branding, data, statistics, or market disruptions. 

Be Aware of Customer Needs

Sales in the ear for your audience. They hear from customers and prospects every day about their pain points. That’s powerful intelligence you can’t get from other sources. Marketing needs to prioritize getting feedback from sales to create content that speaks to buyer demands and challenges.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Many organizations suffer from haphazard resource and content structures. Content could live in many different places, causing confusion. Marketing needs to control the source. Your marketing team needs to deliver and organize sales professional tools in one spot. That includes various formats, such as calculators, videos, presentations, proposal templates, brand positioning, email templates, playbooks, case studies, product sheets, and more.

Offer Content for Every Phase of the Journey

Another critical responsibility of marketing is to offer content that aligns with each stage of the buyer’s journey. You have top-of-funnel content that’s building awareness around a problem solution. Middle-of-funnel content corresponds to buyers considering options. Finally, there’s bottom-of-funnel content, and that’s when a customer makes a decision. You need to have coverage for all stages to support sales activities. Relevant, engaging content also improves the buying experience

Measure and Take Action

Marketing is also in charge of measuring the performance of content and the engagement it receives. These content analytics are valuable and deliver insights on the topics and formats that most interest customers. That data should then drive the content that your marketing team creates and prioritizes.



Chapter 6

What does successful sales enablement look like?

Sales and marketing alignment is more attainable with a sales enablement platform. Technology can facilitate and foster collaboration between the two. When an organization has harmony here, there are advantages for both teams.

Here are the tangible results of successful sales enablement.

Reduce Costs

Every business and department wants to cut costs, but it’s more achievable with practical technology. Sales enablement software and true sales/marketing collaboration can minimize printing expenses, which can balloon quickly without tools in place. Having one system also eliminates the costs of having multiple platforms.  

Save Time

Time is the new currency. It’s something you make more of or get back. The time of a salesperson is already split into many factions. One of those shouldn’t be spending hours hunting for documents or content. If they have what they need, they can be more productive and spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

A sales enablement platform also has automation capabilities. These features enable you to quickly scale efforts without a longer schedule or more people.

Ensure Compliance

Compliance regarding sales enablement content is important. When you have a robust solution, you can deploy restrictive permission controls to configure file usage. Those rules could involve expirations for time-sensitive material and group targets so sales professionals have the right content. 

A bonus for regulated industries is automatic disclaimers on content. It’s something easy to overlook. Now, you don’t have to worry about this occurring. 

Measure Content Activity

Get in-depth data regarding who has the content and its performance. These analytics can yield insights into how your team is using sales enablement content and its impact.

Improve Training and Onboarding

New sales staff can get onboarded or up to speed faster with a library of assets and training. They can tap into the repository from anywhere, which is essential because most onboarding is virtual. Onboarding new sales team members won’t happen overnight, but you can accelerate with a robust repository of information.

Remove Pain Points of the Sales Process

Customers, products, and internal workflows are all more complex than ever. A platform streamlines and simplifies the sales process. If you want to reimagine your sales process, sales enablement software is the best way forward.

Support a Sales Enablement Strategy

Having a sales enablement vision is essential. But to implement and maintain it, you’ll need to leverage technology. It keeps you on track with your strategy and meeting your objectives.

Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Your competition either is or will be adopting sales enablement technology; you will too in order to stay competitive. It’s no longer just nice to have—it’s a requirement to grow and scale your business.

Chapter 7

What makes vablet unique?

While there are many sales enablement platforms available for companies, they aren’t all equal. Some do just the basics while others go granular. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll want a flexible solution. 


Here are just a few reasons why vablet is so unique.

  • It has integrations with many CRMs and marketing automation platforms; the platform also has an open API.
  • It's usable on any device, during Zoom calls, online or offline, so it's always accessible.
  • It’s applicable for many environments and industries, including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, distributors, services and maintenance, finance, and digital marketing agencies.
  • Its setup and configuration are easy. You can implement and deploy it in one day.
  • It has special industry-specific features such as disclaimers and the ability to turn the visibility of confidential data from regulated industries on or off.
  • It has an intuitive user experience (UX), and most find it easy to use. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to start using it.
  • It has control features so you can decide what’s available for sales and quickly block content that needs updates before it gets out there.
  • It offers robust video support. It was designed with this in mind, so there’s no need for an additional video hosting plug-in.
  • It has rich media features, including custom branding and fillable forms.
  • It lets users enjoy advanced technology such as AI and machine learning to proactively identify the content audiences will most likely respond to at each buying cycle.

Chapter 8

The secret is out: vablet delivers sales enablement success.

Sales enablement is the new frontier for B2B sales. By arming your sales team with the right content at the right time, you can see considerable benefits, including reduced costs, better-trained staff, and revenue jumps. All you need is a platform that delivers on your needs, is easy to use, and offers excellent value.

The secret is out: vablet does all these things and more. See how it works today by requesting a demo.

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