Increasing sales efficiency is a priority for every enterprise. Then why are close rates flatlining at so many companies?

Staying competitive in today’s field goes beyond having the latest cutting-edge solution. Forward-thinking enterprises are adapting their sales tools and processes to the fast-evolving trends of the marketplace.

In this article, you’ll find in-depth insights into how other sales and marketing environments are changing and what solutions enterprises are using to boost efficiency, drive results, and remain competitive, including:

  • The costs of the efficiency gap
  • How to get relevant sales data to your reps
  • Optimizing for meaningful conversations
  • A solution for poor CRM inputs

It might be easy to look at efficiency as nothing more than a buzzword, but the pursuit of the technology and sales processes that enable a more efficient sales force is worthwhile, which is why a growing number of organizations are considering the topic of sales enablement.